Schlumberger Award

This annual award was founded in 1990 through the generous sponsorship of Schlumberger Cambridge Research and has the purpose:

‘To recognise scientific excellence in mineralogy and its applications; mineralogy being broadly defined and reflecting the diverse and worldwide interests and membership of the Society with its various specialist groups. Evidence of such excellence should be in the form of published work by a currently active scientist. Nominations on behalf of both younger scientists and well-established workers would be welcomed. ‘Nominees do not have to be Members of the Mineralogical Society.’

The Society will award the final Schlumberger medal in 2020 and will create a new medal to replace it, ready for the 2021 award. Send suggestions for a new medal to the Society office (

Nominations should include a statement on the merits of the candidate, a summary curriculum vitae and a list of the nominee’s more important contributions.

There are two ways in which to submit nominations:

(a) In addition to the statement by the main nominator, there should be a letter of support from a seconder; both nominator and seconder should be members of the Society. Further letters of support may be submitted from up to two additional people (who do not have to be members of the Society).


(b) By completing the standard form to which nominators, seconders and others may contribute. The aim is to reduce the amount of work required to make a nomination.

Nominations will remain on the table for three years. Previous recipients of the award, Society Officers, members of Council and members of the Committee (at the time of nomination and adjudication) will not be eligible for the award.

Nominations are now being sought for the 2021 award

Nominations for the 2021 medal should be sent to the Chair of the Awards Committee at the Society’s office, to arrive not later than 17th April 2020. If not using the form mentioned above, submissions should be in the form of a single package in pdf format, to include the nomination letters, 2–3 page CV of the candidate and the additional letters of support. The nomination package should be attached to an e-mail with a title which identifies the name of the award and the name of the nominee. The e-mail address to use is

The nominations will be considered and recommendations for the award made by the Society’s Awards Committee.

Previous Winners

2020      G.M. Gadd
2019      S. Krivovichev
2018      J. Lloyd
2017      M. Cusack
2016      L. Benning
2015      S. Harley
2014      B. Maher
2013      M.A. Carpenter
2012      S.A.T. Redfern
2011      G. Calas
2010      R. Parrish
2009      J. Brodholt
2008      D. Rubie
2007      R. Powell
2006      D.J. Vaughan
2005      R. Boehler
2004      D.A.C. Manning
2003      H. O’Neill
2002      C.J. Hawkesworth
2001      T.J.B. Holland
2000      P.H.Nadeau
1999      G.D. Price
1998      E.K.H. Salje
1997      A.E. Fallick
1996      C.M.B. Henderson
1995      P.H. Ribbe
1994      F.C. Hawthorne
1993      I. Parsons
1992      I.S.E. Carmichael
1991      B.J. Wood
1990      M.J. Wilson