Climate Change

PRESS RELEASE: The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland backs Geological Society of London statements on Climate Change

London, 25th November 2019

The Mineralogical Society Council has formally noted the strong public concern regarding anthropogenic climate change and welcomed the growing public appreciation of the environmental sciences. Many Society members have expertise in understanding aspects of past climate change, and while most public discussion has focussed on climate models, we are aware that the recent geological and geochemical records also provide detailed evidence for climate change in the context of the geologically recent past. The Society therefore endorses the work of the Geological Society of London and thanks its representatives for their efforts in bringing together the specifically geological evidence contrasting present-day climate change with such changes in the recent geological past.

Speaking after a meeting of its Council on 14th November, the President, Prof. Bruce Yardley stated that “the Mineralogical Society supports the efforts of the Geological Society to place such geological evidence in the public domain and has offered its assistance to the Geological Society in any future revisions of its briefing documents where its members have appropriate expertise.”


The original (2010) policy statement from the Geological Society is at:

The 2013 update is at:

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