Volume 9

Advances in the Characterization of Industrial Minerals (G.E. Christidis, editor)

ISBN: 978-0-903056-28-1

xxii + 486 pp

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“The original aim [of this book] was to produce a reference textbook for those giving university level courses in the area. It is obvious that the book will meet this target and will also be extremely valuable for postgraduates and scholars interested in these materials and uses. The text will also be valuable not only for those starting industrial careers but will stimulate thought and action even by those with years of industrial experience. I recommend the book highly for its authority, clarity, practicality and as a stimulus for future work. ” – Clay Minerals

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Chapter 1: Industrial minerals: significance and important characteristics
G.E. Christidis

Chapter 2: The geological setting for industrial mineral resources
Peter W. Scott

Chapter 3: X-ray powder diffraction with emphasis on qualitative and quantitative analysis in industrial mineralogy
D.L. Bish and M. Plötze

Chapter 4: Particle size and shape characterization: current technology and practice
J.R. Hart, Y. Zhu and E. Pirard

Chapter 5: Thermal analysis in the characterization and processing of industrial minerals
K. Emmerich

Chapter 6: Application of vibrational spectroscopy to the characterization of phyllosilicates and other industrial minerals
J. Madejová, E. Balan and S. Petit

Chapter 7: Electron microbeam analysis techniques used for the characterization of industrial minerals
M.I. Pownceby and C.M. MacRae

Chapter 8: Image analysis for advanced characterization of industrial minerals and geomaterials
E. Pirard and P. Sardini

Chapter 9: Industrial clays
G.E. Christidis

Chapter 10: Industrial clay minerals as nanomaterials
R.A. Schoonheydt and F. Bergaya

Chapter 11: Portland cement and other calcareous hydraulic binders: history, production and mineralogy
J. Elsen, G. Mertens and R. Snellings

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