Volume 20

The Contribution of Mineralogy to Cultural Heritage

(G. Artioli and R. Oberti, editors)

ISBN: 978-0903056-61-8

The chapters contributed to the volume recognize the important and diverse contributions of mineralogy to the valorization, characterization, interpretation and conservation of cultural heritage. The book focuses on examples of materials and methodological issues rather than technical/analytical details. We have attempted to deal with the cultural heritage materials in chronological order of their technological developments, to relate them to past human activities, and to highlight unresolved problems in need of investigation.

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xii + 448 pp.

Chapter 1. Introduction: The role of modern mineralogy in cultural heritage studies
G. Artioli and R. Oberti

Chapter 2. Variations on the silica theme: Classification and provenance from Pliny to current supplies
E. Gliozzo

Chapter 3. Glass and other vitreous materials through history
I. Angelini, B. Gratuze and G. Artioli

Chapter 4. The Vitruvian legacy: Mortars and binders before and after the Roman world
G. Artioli, M. Secco and A. Addis

Chapter 5. Mineralogy of slags: A key approach for our understanding of ancient copper smelting processes
D. Bourgarit

Chapter 6. The struggle between thermodynamics and kinetics: Phase evolution of ancient and historical ceramics
R. B. Heimann and M. Maggetti

Chapter 7. Mineral pigments: the colourful palette of nature
I. Reiche

Chapter 8. Gems and man: a brief history
G. Rapp

Chapter 9. Gemmology in the service of archaeometry
M. P. Riccardi, L. Prosperi, S. C. Tarantino and M. Zema

Chapter 10. Ancient Mediterranean polychrome stones
L. Lazzarini

Chapter 11. Obsidian and volcanic glass shards: Characterization and provenancing
D. Barca, G. M. Crisci and D. Miriello

Chapter 12. Synchrotron Radiation InfraRed microspectroscopy and imaging in the characterization of archaeological materials and cultural heritage artefacts
A. Marcelli and G. Cinque