Online access to journals

Since the start of 2018, Mineralogical Magazine and Clay Minerals have been published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the Society. The full journal archive is now available through CUP. All content from 2000 onwards is available from GSW. The older archive (1876-1999) is no longer available free of charge to all. Those interested will need to be members of the Society or to purchase an institutional subscription via Cambridge University Press.

Mineralogical Magazine


Clay Minerals


Member Access

To view Mineralogical Society content, login at the Mineralogical Society website member login area and choose which provider you wish to use. Do not attempt to log in directly at the GSW site – it will not work.

Institutional Access

  • Institutional subscribers to Cambridge Core should contact Cambridge University Press for advice about access.
  • Institutional subscribers to GeoScienceWorld should contact GSW for information about their access.

Commitment to perpetual access and permanent archiving for e-subscribers