Mineralogy posters

Geological Society of London

Podcasts of Society lectures

Mineralogical Society of America

Guide to thin-section microscopy

Teaching Mineralogy

Teaching support

  • Earth Science Teachers’ Association – the aim of the association is to encourage and support the teaching of Earth Sciences whether as a single subject such as geology or as part of science or geography courses. ESTA also sells reference sets of rock samples for teaching.
  • Teaching Mineralogy: A Digital Collection of Teaching Materials

Websites for children

Clubs and Societies

  • Rockwatch – a UK-wide club for school children


  • Spreadsheets can be downloaded and used to recalculate mineral stoichiometry based on electron microprobe analysis.
  • Earth Lab Datasite – the Natural History Museum’s educational resource allowing amateur geologists and students to investigate UK geology online.
  • Mineralogy Database – David Barthelmy ‘s database contains more than 5,000 web pages of mineral data. There are 4,205 individual mineral species descriptions with links.
  • Glossary of rock, mineral and gemstone terms – Hershel Friedman’s comprehensive online glossary with hundreds of mineral terms, definitions and explanations.
  • Etymology of mineral and rock names – Christof Kuhn’s listing of the derivation of rock and mineral names, in English and German.
  • – probably the largest mineralogical reference on the internet.
  • Mineralpedia, by Dakota Matrix: a Photo and Mineral Properties Database